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JournalReviewer is an independent site that aggregates information users provide about their experience with academic journals' review processes so that other others can be as informed as possible as they consider journal submissions.
Our goal is to provide users with detailed information to help them choose the best journal for the specific details of their unique submission situation.

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Recently added review reports

New Media & Society (Sage Publications)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 1 / 5
"I got one round of review with two reviewers. Reviewer 1 provides useful feedback, raises dozens of short questions that I should address in the revis..."

PloS ONE (Public Library of Science)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 3 / 5
"Although the reviewers were generally positive, the editor 'noted significant issues related to the science of the paper' suggesting that large fundam..."

Computers in Human Behavior (Elsevier)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 4 / 5
"Very fair and positive review process. After a month, we received two positive and encouraging reviews and an accept with minor revisions. We revised ..."

Cognitive Science (Wiley-Blackwell)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 1 / 5
"This process was far too long. The reviews were returned three weeks before the editorial decision was sent. In our opinion, the final decision is not..."

Psychology of Popular Media Culture (American Psychological Association)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 5 / 5

Recently added journals

Transactions on Affective Computing (IEEE)
Clinical Psychology Review (Elsevier)
Acta Politica (Palgrave Macmillan)
International Review for the Sociology of Sport (Sage)
Political Science Research and Methods (Cambridge University Press)

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