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Our goal is to provide users with detailed information to help them choose the best journal for the specific details of their unique submission situation.

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Recently added review reports

Computers in Human Behavior (Elsevier Science)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 4 / 5
"The review was short but definitely helped improve the manuscript. The whole process was quick which is a nice change of pace from other journals. ..."

Mass Communication & Society (Taylor & Francis)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 1 / 5

Sex Roles (Springer)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 1 / 5
"The editor had (obviously) not read the paper, provided irrelevant feedback. When I emailed for confirmation, editor acknowledged the feedback was for..."

Psychology of Popular Media Culture (American Psychological Association)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 3 / 5
"The initial review process took forever - this might have been due to the very special topic of this paper. We liked that we received 3 reviews in bot..."

Computers in Human Behavior (Elsevier Science)
  ·  Overall quality rating: 3 / 5
"The long wait time for a slim review was regrettable but the final product was timely and resulted in an acceptance. Editorial decision was to accept ..."

Recently added journals

IEEE Transactions on Computers (IEEE)
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing (ACM)
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (Wiley)
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (IEEE)
Appetite (Elsevier)

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